Air Squat Hold

Assault Bike

Back Extension (GHD)

Back Extension Hold

Back Extension on Floor – Superman Gainage Exercice

Back Extension on Floor – Superman-Exercice

Back squat

Barbell Yates Row

Bench Press (Barbell)

Bent Over Row (Barbell)

Biceps Curl (Dumbbell)

Bird Dog

Chin Up – Strict Pull Ups Supination Grip

Chin Up – Strict Pull Ups Supination Grip Elastic Band


Face Pull (Elastic Band)

Fly (Dumbbell)

Good Morning

Good Morning Elastic Band

Hip thrust

Horizontal Row (Elastic Band)

HRPU / Hand Release Push Ups

Incline Bench Press (Barbell)

Jumping Jack

L-Fly (Dumbbell)

Lat PullDown Supination Grip

Lateral Raise (Dumbbell)

Plank Jack

Plank Straight Arms

Plank Up and Down

Rear Deltoid Elastic Band

Ring Row

Rower (Rameur)

Seated Military Press (Dumbbell)

Shoulders Tap

Skull Crusher (Dumbbell)

Split Squat (Dumbbell)

StandUp Military Press / Shoulder Press (Barbell)

Strict Pull ups (supination grip)


V To Plank