Air Squat Hold

Alternate DB Snatch

Alternating Wave (Battle Rope)

Assault Bike

Back Extension (GHD)

Back Extension Hold

Back Extension on Floor – Superman Gainage Exercice

Back Extension on Floor – Superman-Exercice

Back squat

Barbell Yates Row

Bear Walk

Bench Press (Barbell)

Bent Over Row (Barbell)

Box Jump

Bunny Hop

Burpees Box Jump

Burpees Box Step Up&Down (Dumbbell)

Burpees Classic Old School Version

BurPull Burpees Pull Ups

Chin Up – Strict Pull Ups Supination Grip

Chin Up – Strict Pull Ups Supination Grip Elastic Band

Crab Walk



Dips On Flat BenchHD

Duck Walk

Flutter Kicks

Front Rack Squat (Dumbbell)

Front Squat (MedBall)

Goblet Squat (Kettlebell)

Good Morning

Good Morning Elastic Band

Gorilla KB Bent Over Row

Horizontal Row (Elastic Band)

Horse Walk

HRPU / Hand Release Push Ups

Jump Squat In and Out

Jumping Jack

KB Snatch

Knee Raise Bar

Knee Raise On Floor

L-Fly (Dumbbell)

Lat PullDown pronation grip

Lat PullDown Supination Grip

Lateral Walking Lunges

Lateral Walking Plank

Leg Raise Bar

Leg Raise HOLD Bar

Leg Raise On Floor

Lu Raise

Man Maker

Monster Walk Elastic Band

Mountain Climber

Pendlay Row

Plank Jack

Plank Straight Arms

Plank Trunk Rotation

Plank Up and Down

Power Slam (Battle Rope)

Prisoner Squat

Push Ups

Rear Deltoid Elastic Band

Renegade Row (Dumbbell)

Renegade Row Push Ups (Dumbbell)

Ring Row

Rower (Rameur)

Russian Twist

Shoulders Tap

Shuttle Run

Squat Hop (MedBall)

Squat Jump

Standing Plank Walkout

StandUp Military Press / Shoulder Press (Barbell)

Strict Pull Ups Pronation Grip

Strict Pull Ups Pronation Grip Elastic band

Sumo Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)

Thruster (Dumbbell)


Upright Row (Barbell)

V To Plank

Walking Lunges (Bodyweight)

Walking Lunges (Dumbbell)

Walking Lunges Twist